alright guys VidCon 2016 there’s a ton of food trucks behind us we’re going to just find random people that going to help us try everything here left me alone over here so there’s a lot to try and there’s a lot of lines so we’ve got to do these face line at the hotdog stand you can find this online at youtube.com/weiutv Becca do you guys are waiting in which line here we don’t know the name of this but we know they sell hotdogs it’s a tough selling price I’ll begin crab lobster nachos and a great after guard quesadilla it’s fries with chicken and sauce this is the broadsword what you’ve got here is a Polish sausage on a hoagie roll you’ve got red onions you’ve got crowd you’ve got mustard and you ton of sausage looks very impressive I’ve seen a lot of ladies looking at it very suspiciously how do you get a bite out yeah how do you get invited yeah they’re gonna go down hi kids I’ve got an idea ah I won’t be fooled first impressions probably something you can share with a friend it tastes just like a Polish sausage with some mustard and some onions on it nothing special there it’s good it’s warm anybody that’s really good though all right after you I’ve got a thunder dog with chili and sausage and dog sour cream the cheese get in there keep them there boy this is just a corn dog with a sausage in it also comes with fries but he needs those when you’ve got this that’s it that’s a big old corn dog is it hot like are you burning your mouth I liked it better when sausage than a hot dog there’s more flavor there we got Joe who is it and I just met the dancers as well they’re going to join us for the review so I’m sure I have a comedy page on Facebook Joe Tasker and apparently in America ketchup is not a thing with piece of have I made a bad mistake to medal tomorrow well this is a chicken bacon ranch smells of ketchup mmm see without the ketchup it’d just be chicken bacon mouse let’s see I like to use the ketchup it’s different thank you I’m not gonna heal on thank you somebody out there that also does it so guys I’m ash I’m Glenn I waited to turn up a partridge I’m home swish I’m home and we’re currently eating sweet potato fries I usually prefer normal french fries but these actually play some really nice yeah and I thought cool oh cool this is gonna be his first one they ran a low bar we’re ready for this Oh juicy how amazing a mitigator one ten one two ten eleven I’ve no regrets well I’ll put you guys is link right here below go check these guys out yeah I guess you’re awesome dancers I wish we can see some of that yeah oh I like that they got me holidays I might get a baby because that’s why you get well by the way a lot of people have been randomly eating that lets you go ages sometimes you wonder why high food truck food is so freaking good this thing was a whopping $13 for lobster grilled cheese so let’s try this thing out muttering you take that Lobster I would like a little bit more Lobster for one you gotta eat it you gotta make this maybe we’ll make I can’t even explain it it’s just so much better we’re gonna have you at the next food truck let’s go you so I’m Erin Erin’s food adventures check me out guess healthy junk food Oh put a link in the description or on the screen or something yeah check out Erin’s food adventures this is the herbivore fries from burger monster this has some feta on there and some of their herb sauce this is their pigzilla burger with pulled pork on here looks like some cheese some green onions sriracha aioli on the bottom on their barbecue sauce in here too yes yes extremely juicy cold pork got a nice little hint of spice Bobby’s from like a sriracha and stuff hey guys I am Liam Donaghy from Liam’s lunchbox let’s try some fries go subscribe I wrote this down actually this is the Philly cheesesteak loaded fries and I love smothered loaded goodness it is house-made aioli cheesesteak caramelized mushroom and onions provolone cheese cherry peppers over shoestring fries all right let’s Joey’s world tour it I’m joking it’s worth dying for I’ll tell you that I got me a vegan cookies and cream cupcake I didn’t get it cuz it was vegan I got it cuz it was cookies ice cream I always take the bottom part of the cupcake off Kenny Mattel vegan water is really good oh so there you have it guys our trip to the food trucks at VidCon 2016 thanks to all those that were in the video we would have shown you more food but I ran out of batteries that sucks one of our goals on healthy junk food is to try as much food from your favorite places hopefully around the world so please submit your request in the comments below thumbs up our video to show support and stay tuned next week for our final stop in Anaheim Disneyland GP good morning hey what you got there chicken bacon ranch I hate refrigerators the man is high spoiled what do you mean if salty is good

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