Why Braised Short Ribs Are the Ultimate Korean Meat Dish

Hi Everybody Today I’m going to show you how to make Korean Galbijjim, braised beef short ribs. A few years ago, I showed you how to make traditional Galbijjim. But today we’ll make easier and simplified version that I developed which I call Mak-galbijjim. It needs fewer ingredients than traditional Galbijjim. It’s meant to be eaten with rice and other side dishes as part of regular meal. Let’s start. I prepared two pounds beef short ribs. Trim this excessive fat. And make cuts down to the bone. So until you just hear that bone touching sound. So I trimmed all this, let’s wash out bone fragments. Little chips, and also I’m going to soak them in cold water to remove some blood. A couple of times, just rinse it out and now soak them in cold water like this. My beef ribs are soaking in cold water right now and then I’m going to boil water. And then I’m going to Blanche this in boiling water. Like for about five minutes. Drain the water, and let’s blanche this! Meanwhile, let’s prepare sauce. Two bosc pears and ginger, around two teaspoons. We are going to blend this all and I’m going to use a food processor. So before that let’s chop it up a little bit like this. Onion, around 1 and a 1/2 cups. Garlic cloves and ginger and pear. Around half a teaspoon of black pepper. One tablespoon of brown sugar. Soy sauce, three tablespoons. And blend this. These short ribs are well blanched, you can see a lot of oil floating. Pour this over the ribs. And add some water, I add 1 cup of water. And boil this. Thirty minutes after give it a good stir. Turn down the heat to low heat. After 20 mins open the lid and turn the heat up. Keep stirring until all the liquid has evaporated and it turns really shiny. We made really delicious Galbijjim now and for colour, this is optional, frozen green peas. Well done, very juicy, and turn off the heat. So add one teaspoon sesame oil at the last touch. Stir this Add some sesame seeds on top as a garnish. Pine nuts. This is optional so if you have, use, if you don’t have you don’t have to. I made just now really fresh multi grain rice. made some squid soup. Rice, soup, and side dishes. Lettuce, and galbijjim! Let’s taste it. Mmmm mmmm my god. So delicious. Juicy, its very sweet, and easily you can make it. Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Byeeeee.

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