Texas Style Brisket Recipe

today we’re preparing texas-style brisket we’ll be cooking our texas-style brisket whole today that means the point and the flat will be left intact during the entire cooking process but we do need to trim some of the excess fat off the outside so let’s go ahead and dive into that all right so we’re wiping off some of the excess moisture because cutting wet meat is dangerous Oh point out you can see the flexibility in this brisket that tells me that this has been nicely aged I also know that this is a MasterChef choice brisket from Creek stone farms and we found that those are really consistent in the way they cook and they tend to have really nice marbling as throughout the point so what we want to do is trim everything on the top down to about 1/4 inch of fat we work our way down to the meat and know that we can come up just a little bit from there now what we want to take a look at is this fat layer in between the two muscles it’s called the deckle and this is really hard stuff so we’re going to cut a little bit of this out of here as well on the backside this is a huge chunk of fat that we don’t need that there that’s not going to render down that’s not going to help us at all see if you cut this open there’s no meat inside so we’re just going to shave that down kind of clean this up a little bit and then over on this side if we want to cut some of that hard fat out as well alright last thing I want to do is just clean up the backside a little bit get rid of any excess fat and you silver skin and you could really pick at this all day long if you want to so when you’re content with how it’s cleaned up we are just about ready to season alright so with some of that fat trimmed up and the brisket ready to go we’re going to hit it with some seasoning now in texas-style brisket it’s not uncommon to just do salt and pepper but we want just a little bit more flavor than that so we are going to be using our butts our smoke in our beef rub and this has got big salt pepper and garlic flavor to it which is why I think it’s perfect for this style of brisket all right let’s look this over and get the other side at this point you could let the brisket rest for hours or you could get it on maybe in 20 minutes but what’s really important is that you let the rubs set up to the meat it’s going to start to look wet it’s going to darken the color a little bit but you really want that rub attached to the meat before you put it on the pit so what we’re going to do is go get our pit fired up and make sure it’s nice and hot and ready to go before we put everything on and we’ll let this sit in the meantime today we’re cooking on the yoader smokers 20-inch loaded Wichita it’s a traditional offset wood-burning pit now once we get it nice and hot we’re going to be running at about 225 to 250 degrees the temperature sitting right where we want it and the Steel’s nice and hot so we’re going to throw our brisket on close the door and we probably won’t even look at this thing for another four hours so we’re about six and a half hours into the cook right now our pits holding really steady at about 250 degrees as we continue to feed this fire and just sort of regulate and make sure that everything is going smooth want to take a look at the brisket now so we’re getting some really beautiful color down here and you can see as we start to poke that it’s kind of got a little bit of jiggle to it which tells us that it’s loosening up a bit down here quite a bit more stiff so we’re just going to flip this around and give the flat in some time down by the fire there you can see some of that beautiful color coming off of there so we’re just going to continue to cook for a little while longer and then before too long we’re going to wrap it up in some butcher paper all right so we’re about eight hours into the cook the colors looking awesome we want to retain some of the moisture and we’ve got plenty of smoke on this thing so we’re going to go ahead and wrap it and butcher paper at this point all right wrap this over once one more time and we’re pretty well covered all right so we’re about 13 hours into our cook now our briskets sitting around 208 it’s feeling really nice and pliable you guys can see that it’s got a lot of into it so we’re going to go ahead and pull this off the pit and we’ll let this guy rest for about an hour before we slice into them so we’ve got our brisket it’s rested for a while now it’s looking really nice we’ve got a beautiful color on the outside but we’ve also trapped a lot of moisture in by putting it in that butcher paper at this point we’re just going to take a few slices out and see how they look here we go we have our two different muscles the point and the flap when we’re cooking for friends and family and cooking this texas-style barbecue it’s a totally different animal than when we’re cooking competition brisket the slices are larger for better portion size as opposed to smaller for presentation and this meats cooked far more tender look at all of that moisture that’s still in the middle of that brisket this is really beautiful we absolutely love the simplicity of the texas-style brisket you’re going to spend a little more time preparing it but it’s totally worth the wait thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed the video please click the subscribe button and if you have any questions comments so there’s anything you’d like to see me cook let me know in the comments section down below for more recipes tips and techniques head over to the sauce ATB BQ comm all things BBQ where barbecue legends are made

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