14 CRAZY Burgers In The World!

what is the weirdest burgers in the world ?

14 deep-fried gravy burger created by Gus Petch allas who was the chief frying officer he is now offering a deep-fried gravy burger the disc of gravy our breaded before hand and cooked to order so when hungry customers take their first bite they can feel the warm gravy using and coating on the inside while the burger is certainly unique think of it as a comfort food and it shouldn’t be consumed often as this 1/3 pound burger isn’t for the faint of heart think of it as a burger equivalent to a soup dumpling party yet filling
13 cheeseburger in a can as strange as this idea sounds the bright evil Switzerland have come up with this strange concept this imported product will be sure to get fast-food restaurants a run for their money the freshness of this canned patty makes it convenient and quick to enjoy a burger on the go anytime and anywhere without having to worry about it spoiling while it isn’t sold in the United States a German company that manufactures his product was able to sell it online and to eBay I just can’t believe China didn’t get to this idea first .
12 ice cream burger a Florida State Fair released this particular creation back in 2011 it packs your natural ingredients like pickles tomatoes bacon and cheese with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dipped in cinnamon and corn flakes that sizzle in the deep fryer to about 10 to 15 seconds while the concept sounds incredibly strange think of it as having a side of milkshake along with your burger except for the fact that it’s all in one bite better eat it fast though as it could be messy to gulp down once the ice cream melts so anyone headed to the Florida State Fair anytime soon ,
11 brail burgers i know what you’re thinking and yes this is a real thing a south african fast-food chain company called wimpy came up with this feature to cater to a marking campaign would appeal to blind people the company had its chef make 15 burger buns with sesame seeds spelled out in different messages in Braille then sent those buns to seeing impaired institutions throughout the country it was then given to 15 blind people and the company filmed people’s reactions the company’s locations contained menus and Braille for the visually impaired but coming up with Braille burgers seems like a strange product while it seems exploitative claims state social media spread positive reactions .
10 100 by 100 in an out burger in and out contains a secret menu that is pretty famous and well known by customers like getting the secret sauce on the side or ordering a 4×4 however the 100 by 100 is a whole different story this colossal burger is fit to feed at least five people there is a common mistake that the 100 by 100 contains a hundred buns but that is simply not the case it includes 100 meat patties and 100 pieces of creamy melted cheese in between two buns with no lettuce tomatoes or onions it’s estimated time of consumption is two hours and contains 19 thousand calories rumor has it only one person vomited after taking on this challenge apparently this burger will be the result of rushing to the hospital after you’re done eating it all.
9 dried peanut butter and jam sandwich burger if you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then this burger puts a spin on the classic sandwich just toss in some sirloin steak and you’ve got a savory blend of flavors that will be sure to confuse your taste buds fit to feast founder Allison Hagan Dorf describes the taste as similar to Thai dishes which incorporates peanut sauce with meat and barbecue drenched in sugar technically this burger isn’t any different just the idea of it you can easily make it yourself.
8 garbage burger featured on Food Network’s outrageous food the garbage burger at McGuire’s Irish pub in Florida showcases about any topping you can think of it contains three pounds of Black Angus hamburger beef corned beef liverwurst mushrooms banana peppers wasabi marinara barbecue sauce red onions five different types of cheese ice cream hot fudge topped with a cherry and an Irish flag on top it is so heavy that it needs to be held together by a stick even the restaurants menu reasonably described this unique burger as absolutely disgusting for 9.99 I would have to say it sells at a good bargain price.
7 1up mushroom burger Mario Bros fans everywhere rejoice this smart burger idea is an excellent way to impress friends I your next dinner party this do-it-yourself burger was inspired by Barry Ronson Steen’s of the red Fez burger but with the Game Boy twist it incorporates vegetable mushroom patties which contain a soft pancake texture and topped off with a soy-based sauce other components include pesto sauce basil juice and green food coloring for the buns the basil juice in this recipe gives the burger a pungent taste however you can be creative and add in your own variation to this burger,
6 organic coffee burger attention coffee lovers if you’re looking to mix your love of coffee with your love of food then this is the perfect burger for you co-founder of the crew cafe John filter came up with this weird but creative idea aside from your basic ingredients that include beef bacon cabbage mayo and tomatoes this recipe also contains 300 milliliters of crew cafe dark roast expresso the coffee and sugar are added to the mixture to form a jam light combination but towards the end you can strain out any excess coffee gravy that you don’t want well it sounds complex to make you can always refer to their website for a step-by-step.
5 pink burger known for their fried chicken KFC is a class fast-food joint however I’m not so sure Colonel Sanders would approve of this burger available in China KFC fast food chains added a new burger that had pink burger buns with Rose flavored chicken customers took to social media to share the burgers online and while most people seemed a bit baffled at this idea the concept is a bit strange while it’s probably not worth the trip to China you have to admit that’ll be curious to see what Rose flavored chicken would taste like
4 spaghetti burger created by the food makers at Philadelphia’s PYT is a unique spaghetti burger it consists of a mozzarella stuffed meatball patty red sauce and sandwiched between two garlic butter buns and sprinkled with parmesan flakes there’s also an alternative option where baked garlic noodles substitute with buns while the name sounds strange the creation looks interesting and I bet it would be as messy to eat the food item unveiled back in 2013 and was featured as the restaurants burger of the week.
3 Kuro burger it looks like this food item came straight out of a horror movie not only does it look like it’ll kill you but it doesn’t look appetizing at all this premium Puru burger guru meaning black contains black buns with bamboo charcoal colored cheese and everyone’s favorite condiment squid ink ketchup the burgers were a marketing ploy to offset the company Burger King’s slim ad budget in Japan the budget wasn’t using any creative agencies for these items I guess dine burgers is a great way to capture attention however I won’t be trying these any time soon
2 pigeon burger available at Renta kills pop-up restaurant this sweet chili pigeon burger is the main course don’t mind the mealworms as it’s part of the dish along with venison and bacon in fact mealworms aren’t the only bug you can choose to top off your burger this restaurant includes a variety of insects to their meals to celebrate 85 years the pest control business in fact 2 billion people worldwide consume over 1,000 insect species while it’s a nice marketing scheme I think most Westerners won’t be so quick to grub down this burger but I’m sure it’ll give you a run for your money
1 quadruple bypass burger featured as a specialty item at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas Nevada this burger takes the lead followed by the triple bypass burger the double and the single it ranges from 8 to 32 ounces of beef which is the total of 9,000 982 calories it contains four half pound patties 20 Megan strips eight American cheese slices and half an onion topped with the bun coated with lard surrounded by flat line fries and a coke to wash it all down any person wishing to choose to take on this immense challenge of a meal must sign a disclaimer before eating subscribe for more videos

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